More than Smog & Owambes: Where to go in Yorubaland

Africa is blessed with beautiful scenery and landmarks attractive for tourist visits. Yorubaland is particularly rich in natural habitats and landmarks, places that have become great tourist attractions for visitors from within and outside of Nigeria. These sites provide a boost for the Nigerian economy as well.

We would be looking at some of these landmarks found in Yoruba land.


The Lekki Conservative Centre

The Lekki Conservative Centre is situated in the outer skirts of Lagos state on the Lekki-Epe Expressway. As the name implies, it is a conservationist site for native animals and plants on the verge of extinction. It is a 78-hectare reserve comprised of mixed swamp and savannah. If you are looking for a place to relax with breathtaking views of wild life, where you can learn a bit about the animal kingdom, this is the right place to be.


It is so peaceful and serene, you can spend the day meditating or just absorbing the nature around you.

Monkeys, peacocks, tortoises, birds and other animals can be found roaming the swampy area. The land is largely swampy with many species of birds, monkeys and some domesticated animals.

Lcc bridge

Wooden Bridge path-way into the jungle/swamp

lcc monkey

Mona Guenon monkey (Feeds on fruits and insects)


Lcc birds

Little Bee-eater


Idanre Hills                               

Idanre Hills is often regarded as the most beautiful landscape in Nigeria. It is located 24 km southwest of Akure, the state capital of Ondo. If you love to hike, this place provides beautiful scenery as well as challenging paths.


The hills surround the town of Idanre. At the top of the hills is a fascinating ancient village containing shrines and intricate caves said to have been home to the early inhabitants of the town, who also worshipped their deities in the caves.


The paths to the hills are steep and can be dangerous but offer a unique experience similar to that of the Grand Canyon in Southwest US. It takes about four days to a week to climb all the hills. The largest hill, called Ojimoba, is said to possess spiritual powers. There is the ancient footprint widely believed to be the exact size of every foot. It is said that anybody whose foot does not fit the footprint is a witch or wizard. The most mysterious image is the carving on one of the hills which resembles an ark. Hence its name Noah’s Ark is derived from the biblical ark. There is an annual mountain climbing festival started in 2009 which attracts over 6000 international climbers.

idanre hills

Ariel view of the Idanre hills surrounding the village

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

This is a fun spot for holidays and a tranquil paradise from the regular hustle and bustle of Lagos. The resort is situated away from the center of the city of Lagos. A beautiful beach resort with palms trees and white sands, the beach resort has both fresh water lakes for boat rides as well as access to the Atlantic Ocean.

The resort also features beautiful accommodation spaces for groups and individuals.

la-campaigne A

Beautiful beach spot for relaxation

la-campaigne B jpg

Palm fronds and tents to relax under the breezy breach


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  1. What of the Olomo Rock in Abeokuta, Ogun State? Not as big or as popular as Ojimoba,but it still has the grandeur of Yoruba history, culture and scenic significance. The juxtaposition of the rock with the victorian architecture is quite a site as well but I guess you all were looking for lush vegetation and wildlife.

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