Upcoming Yoruba Artist in Spotlight: Esther Olajumoke Adewumi

Nigerian Gospel Music has got a new face and its Esther Olajumoke Adewumi! For those of you that do not know who she is and what she is about, get ready to get informed on one of the hottest and newest Nigerian gospel artists in the diaspora.

Esther Olajumoke Adewumi was born in 1991 in Kaduna, Nigeria. As the first born of five children, she was a very hard working young lady! She gained her love for music from her father who was a choir master at the time but is currently a pastor. At the very tender age of 7 years old, Esther joined the church choir and began to hone her singing skills. After moving to America in 1998 with her family, Esther’s interest in singing skyrocketed! She sang every chance that she had! She even remembers singing her self to sleep every night! In elementary school through high school, Ms. Adewumi, sang in different shows and activities such as Christmas carols, talent shows, and school functions.
During her earlier singing career, Esther Olajumoke Adewumi was part of grace vibes team and has sang background for multiple international artists such as Lara George, Aaron T. Aaron, Kingsley Ike, Iyanu Live, Idowu Bamiseye, and Uche!
Ms. Adewumi officially got signed to Thavma Records in June, 2013! Once signed, she got straight to work! Her first single, “Mo He” came out in August 2013 and her second single, “You Are” came out shortly after!
Below is the link to her singles that you can get for FREE for a limited amount of time! Check her out and support the movement!

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