Teach Yoruba

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Job Summary

Responsible for teaching students how to speak, write, and understand the Yorùbá language. Note that YCI’s primary focus is to teach reading, writing and speech in Oyo Standard Yorùbá. Colloquial Yorùbá (such as that spoken in Lagos) is acknowledged and interpreted but not a primary curricular focus.


Primary responsibilities

  • Teach students how to read, write, and understand Yorùbá.

  • Develop pupil understanding and appreciation of Yorùbá culture

  • Provide individualized and small group instruction

  • Utilize and contribute to existing YCI instructional resources for use in the classroom.

  • Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities

  • Create positive educational climate for students to learn in (never laugh at or ridicule students)

  • Meet course and school-wide student performance goals.

  • Participate in ongoing training sessions.

  • Grade assignments and perform other administrative duties as needed.

  • Read and stay abreast of current topics in education.

  • Integrate competencies, goals, and objectives into lesson plans.

  • Develop incentives to maximize class participation and student achievement.


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