The Yoruba Cultural Institute is a product of sacrifice and commitment to Yoruba and African heritage and reclamation. We are so passionate about keeping our language alive, that we very often volunteer our time and personal resources to keep this effort alive.  It is imperative to us that our children’s children speak impeccable Yoruba and know that they come from an ancient, beautiful, powerful people with a rich heritage. It is also imperative that the African Diaspora reconnect to their home, this is our way of helping them do so.

Ways you can Support Our Work


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I. Volunteer

Our organization depends on the love of our Volunteers. Our volunteers assist with office duties, in the classroom, updating media content and more. All volunteers receive free Yoruba instruction. Apply here


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II. Donate

YCI receives tax-deductible donations and non-profit funding through our fiscal sponsor, TCSSI (see Complete this form to make your donation. You will be taken to a donation page to make a payment through PayPal. Please be sure to include “Yoruba Cultural Institute” in the details of the donation. Donate now.


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III. Join our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is responsible for guiding our organization and ensuring the quality and superior standard of our Yoruba instruction. Board members also provide support with material and non-material resources.  Apply here to become a board member and a staff member will contact you within 24 hours.


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IV. Invest in YCI

Our for-profit ventures {Yoruba education products, apparel and events} are funded by private investors. If you value sustainability in non-profit organizations, then you will be happy to know that we are committed to creative and sustainable fundraising. Complete this form and a staff member will contact you within 24 hours.


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V. Teach Yoruba

We hire Yoruba native speakers with a genuine passion for our language.  2 years or more experience teaching is preferred, but inexperienced teachers who meet other requirements will  be fully trained. Apply here to teach Yoruba.


We appreciate your taking the time to make a commitment to supporting this movement.  We trust that Edumare will bless you! You can also support us by spreading the word about what YCI is doing. If you have not already, please connect with us via Social Media at Facebook, Twitter or  Tumblr. You can also share this page with others who might wish to volunteer by clicking on the social buttons below. Ese o!

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