Spring Clinic & Summer Session

We’re doing something a little different this year. The Summer Intensive will be a combination of the Spring Clinic–two Saturday clinics for 8 hours each–and a weekly class from June 16 to August 28. The clinics will take place on June 7 and June 14. By attending both, you will be introduced to–or complete a review of–the following:

i.     The Yoruba Alphabet, Tones, Morphemes

v.     Numbers, Counting

vii.     Greetings – Basic time of day greetings & introduction to situational greetings

ix.     Parts of speech, Sentence construction, Question construction, Elision, Negation, Tenses

xvi.     Everyday words, Vocabulary

xxiv.     Proverbs

This provides the unique opportunity for students at all levels, who may have not been available to attend the weekday classes during the Winter Session, to catch up in time for the Summer course, which is a continuation with a focus on speech, dialogue and multimedia cultural content.

Register for the Spring Clinic by purchasing your tuition voucher at the Store.

To participate in both the clinic and the Summer Intensive, apply for the Summer Intensive here.

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