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Facts about Yoruba people and culture

Posted by on Feb 18, 2014 in Learning Options, News, Yoruba | 1 comment

Regarded as one of the most popular and largest African ethnic groups in the South of the Sahara desert, The Yoruba people are found in mostly south western Nigeria, Benin and Togo. Other populations outside Africa with Yoruba influence howbeit not fluent in the language include Brazil, Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago. Brazil has the largest population of Yoruba culture.  Here are interesting facts about the people. The following states in Nigeria are Yoruba speaking states: Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo. Other states which share boundaries with Yoruba states (and have significant Yoruba-speaking population)  include Edo, Kwara and Kogi states   According to Yoruba Mythology, the Yoruba people descended from the deity Ọodua or Ọduduwa. Many historians however believe that Yoruba people migrated west from Ancient Kush or modern-day South Sudan   There are variations in the Yoruba...

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Yoruba lesson of the week: How to count in Yoruba!

Posted by on Jan 30, 2014 in Articles, Learning Options, Yoruba | 0 comments

The Yoruba culture is a rich one! Get some practice learning the basics! Here are the numbers in Yoruba from 0-40! See what you already know and what you can learn! Hungry for more Yoruba knowledge? Check out our affordable Yoruba classes! ENJOY!  0 òdo                                                               21 oókànlélógún  1 oókan                                                                22 eéjìlélógún  2 eéjì                                                ...

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Avoiding the Wrath of Yoruba Elders: the Silent Code of Conduct

Posted by on Jan 24, 2014 in Articles, Home, Learning Options, Yoruba | 0 comments

Yoruba parents are the best when it comes to training a child with “less talk, more action.” They believe a well-brought-up child should not be told everything. Therefore, they do not make complete statements when dealing with their children. Hence the Yoruba saying: “Abo oro lan so fun omoluabi, to ba de inu e  a di odindin” Over the years growing up around old Yoruba people, I have learned that simple eye contact, a gesture or cough is worth more than a sentence; and the failure of a child to decode will warrant a verbal bashing. A Yoruba parent picks up a broom to sweep in your presence: simply implies, you dash to the spot before the broom lands and sweep like your life depends on it. Two adults are having a quiet conversation around you: by all means...

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World Changing Yoruba in the Spotlight: Gbenga Akinnagbe

Posted by on Jan 20, 2014 in Articles, Learning Options, News, Yoruba, Yorubas You Know, Young Hip Yoruba | 1 comment

In this world, there are people that use their fame and money to please themselves. Then there are the few people that use their fame to change lives! Those people are the ones that make an affect ! They are people that refuse to live in a skewed world when they have the power to change it. Mr. Gbenga Akinnagbe is one of those people. Born in Washington, D.C. to Nigerian parents and grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, Akinnagbe was in and out of trouble as a youth. He is the second oldest of six children, with one older sister and four younger brothers. He is the first in his family to be born in the U.S. He attended Colonel Zadok A. Magruder High School in Rockville, Maryland. Akinnagbe attended Bucknell University on a wrestling scholarship, majoring in Political Science and English. He played “Ben Ellis” in the episode...

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Learn Yoruba: Months of the Year/ Osù nínú Odún

Posted by on Jan 8, 2014 in Articles, Home, Learning Options, News, Yoruba | 0 comments

How do the Yoruba people say the months of the year? Look below and find out! To learn more Yoruba make sure to check us out on the awesome classes that we offer! Osù nínú Odún/ Months of the Year Osù kìíní odún (Sêrê)/ January Osù kejì odún (Èrèlé)/ February Osù keta odún (Erênà)/ March Osù kerin odún (Igbe)/ April Osù karùnún odún (Èbìbí)/ May Osù kefà odún (Òkudù)/ June Osù keje odún (Agemo)/ July Osù kejæ odún (Ògún)/ August Osù kesànán odún (Öwerë)/ September Osù kewàá odún (Öwàrà)/ October Osù kækànlá odún (Belú)/ November Osù kejìlá odún...

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Learn Yoruba! Ijoba Orun Song Translation

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Articles, Home, Learning Options, Yoruba | 0 comments

There is a great song by international Yoruba artist, Lara George.  The title of the song is “Ijoba Orun” which translates to heaven. Here is the link to the amazing song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_1CyA7iDuY. Listen to the song and try to follow along. Below are the lyrics as well as the translation. Enjoy! Ijoba orun, l’ere onigbagbo o (2ce) (Heaven is the believer’s reward) Ma je’n ku’na baba, mu mi de’le o (Father, don’t let me miss it, Take me home) Ki n ma ku s’ajo, bii eefin (That I would not die like smoke in its path) Mu mi de’le (help me to reach home ) Owo ti mo ni (The money I have) Ko le mu mi de’le o (Can’t take me there) Moto ti mo ri ra (The cars I’ve bought) Ko le wa mi de’le o (Can’t take me...

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