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Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Events, News, NYC, Yoruba | 2 comments

AFROCROWD WIKIPEDIA WORKSHOPS TO LAUNCH DURING BLACK WIKI HISTORY MONTH WEEKEND NEW YORK, NY — January 25, 2014 — Announcing AfroCROWD Intro to Wikimedia and How to Edit Wikipedia  workshops at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Info Commons  on February 7th and 8th.   Since its creation in 2001, Wikipedia has grown rapidly into one of the largest reference websites, attracting  over 470 million unique visitors monthly. There are more than 76,000 active contributors working on more than 31,000,000 articles in 285 languages. How can people of African descent  be accurately represented among the body of articles and among the editors?   Afro Free Culture Crowdsourcing Wikimedia (AfroCROWD),  is a new initiative which seeks to address this issue by increasing the number of people of African Descent who actively partake in the Wikimedia and free knowledge, culture and software movements....

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The Nollywood Diaspora Film Series presents: CULTURAL CONFIDENCE

Posted by on Oct 5, 2014 in Culture, Events, Yoruba History, Yorubas You Know, Young Hip Yoruba | 0 comments

What is CULTURAL CONFIDENCE ? from Nollywood Diaspora on Vimeo. The Nollywood Diaspora Film Series is pleased to present it’s second annual forum, themed Cultural Confidence: Acquiring and negotiating authentic cultural identity in a globalized world. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Nigeria and 54 years of Nigerian independence, NDFS will screen world-class films of New Nollywood and host panel discussions on pertinent issues facing Nigerians at home and abroad. (Buy tickets)   Presented in partnership with NYU Africana Studies and the Yoruba Cultural Institute, NDFS Cultural Confidence promises to be even more exciting than last year’s event. With a line up of incredible minds and talents –actors, producers, writers and other key stakeholders—delving into issues of critical importance at this time in history, Cultural Confidence will build significantly on the conversation begun last year....

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Spring Clinic & Summer Session

Posted by on May 20, 2014 in Articles, Events, Learning Options | 0 comments

We’re doing something a little different this year. The Summer Intensive will be a combination of the Spring Clinic–two Saturday clinics for 8 hours each–and a weekly class from June 16 to August 28. The clinics will take place on June 7 and June 14. By attending both, you will be introduced to–or complete a review of–the following: i.     The Yoruba Alphabet, Tones, Morphemes v.     Numbers, Counting vii.     Greetings – Basic time of day greetings & introduction to situational greetings ix.     Parts of speech, Sentence construction, Question construction, Elision, Negation, Tenses xvi.     Everyday words, Vocabulary xxiv.     Proverbs This provides the unique opportunity for students at all levels, who may have not been available to attend the weekday classes during the Winter Session, to catch up in time for the Summer course, which is a continuation with a focus on...

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Kilo n sele: I’m Getting Fluent in Brooklyn

Posted by on May 16, 2014 in Articles, Events, Home, Learning Options, Yoruba | 3 comments

Who I Am Oruko mi ni Basirat Ottun.  Mo’n gbe ni Brooklyn.  Mo je omo Yoruba.  Currently, I am one of a number of people that have been given the tremendous opportunity to take part in the Yoruba Fluency Project. I began my Yoruba language classes in February 2014, and will continue through with the project over the course of the next few months.  Part of the project will consist of a trip by project participants to Nigeria to engage in language and art related projects. Lost in Translation Being that I am a second-generation Nigerian American, some may wonder why I would even need to take Yoruba classes.  Shouldn’t I already know the language?  The answer to this question is two-fold both yes and no.  On the one hand, I am no stranger to the Yoruba language.  As...

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Yoruba Traditional Marriage Ceremony: A Step by Step Account

Posted by on Apr 4, 2014 in Articles, Events, Home, Lyrics, Music, News, Vids, Yoruba, Yoruba History | 3 comments

  Today, we are talking weddings. That union between two people from different backgrounds and orientations coming together in love to build a home and choose to become one. Universally, a wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life. In Africa, marriages are seen as a union not between two people, but between two families. It is indeed a big deal, hence the elaborate celebrations attached to the event. In Nigeria, most weddings span several months and weeks for both preparation and the events. The Yoruba wedding culture is an age long tradition that has been passed from generation to generation. Once a man is of age, and is capable of providing for a family, he seeks a young lady he wishes to marry. In the customary sense, he does not approach the lady at first....

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Interview with Dayo Adeneye (British Nigerian Me)

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Articles, Events, Home, Learning Options, Yoruba | 0 comments

Who is Dayo Adeneye? Let us know more about you and your family background   Answer: I am 23 years old young man and a recent graduate who studied Media Technology (BSc) at Kingston University. I was born and raised in New Cross, South East London by my Nigerian parents who both immigrated to the UK in the early 80’s where they met. I am extremely passionate about film and scriptwriting as well as music.   What was growing up like for you?   Answer: I had a “normal” childhood for the most part. But obviously having Nigerian parents kind of differentiated me from the English children around me as my parents are very traditional in their values and how they raised me. I was always aware of my Nigerian heritage but was not proud to admit it and...

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