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To Carry a Wife: The Rites & Significance Yoruba Traditional Marriage

This article is a continuation of the previous article on Traditional Yoruba Marriage. Now, we will be looking at specific terms defining the marriage process.   The traditional wedding itself is called “Igbeyawo.” It literally means “the carrying of the bride.” This term is coined from the old tradition of lifting the new bride into her […]

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Yoruba Traditional Marriage Ceremony: A Step by Step Account

  Today, we are talking weddings. That union between two people from different backgrounds and orientations coming together in love to build a home and choose to become one. Universally, a wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life. In Africa, marriages are seen as a union not between two people, but […]

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Yoruba Games

Our culture has its unique form of education as well as leisure and recreational activities. Yoruba adults know how to enjoy a good time. They unwind by dancing, listening to folkloric music and playing games. One of the best known games in the Yoruba culture is Ayo Olopon. It is mostly played by men after a […]

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Yoruba Hairstyles

There is a popular saying that the hair is the crown-beauty of a woman. It also applies to our Yoruba women. In Yoruba culture there are different hairstyles worn by the women to beautify their looks. The average african hair is curly and kinky in texture therefore several styles have over the years been created to beautify as well […]

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Akinwande Oluwole Soyinka

      Akinwande Oluwole Soyinka is one of the most widely known and internationally recognized Yoruba indigenes of our time. Here are some interesting facts about his life: ·       He was born in July 13, 1934 in Abeokuta, Ogun state ·       He studied at the University of Leeds, England ·       In 1960, he received a Rockefeller Foundation grant to research […]