Saturday School (Kids)

The children’s class provides a fun, safe space for your children to connect deeply with their ancestral heritage. From nursery rhymes and common songs to forming thoughts and expressing themselves, your children will quickly master the basics of Yoruba in this course, with the option to continue advanced lessons.


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Children learn conversational basics (“My name is,” “I’m ___ years old,” “I live in___”) in addition to functional structures such as expressing likes and dislikes, describing motion, describing health and emotions, describing locations, and more. Children actively practice the language via reading and writing, creative projects, singing, art, snack, and more!


Students practice functional structures such as expressing opinions (“I think”, “I like”, “I prefer”), describing obligations (“before I can go out I have to”), or telling time. Students learn in the context of fun activities, projects, drama, and more, all focusing on engaging, relevant topics such as current books, music and movies.

With older children, we follow standard language acquisition requirements at the different stages of proficiency.Stage I (Formulaic): Learners understand and produce signs, words, and phrases.

Stage II (Created): Learners understand and produce sentences and strings of sentences.

Stage III (Planned): Learners understand and produce paragraphs and strings of paragraphs.

Stage IV (Extended): Learners understand and produce cohesive texts composed of
multiple paragraphs.



Because rhythm is such a powerful learning tool, we reinforce our Learning Topics and Learning Goals with short, simple songs that highlight key words and structures. We sing our songs in all classes each week to reinforce this key language in a fun way.

All courses are taught by experienced instructors who are also native Yoruba speakers.

  • Saturday School runs from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays.
  • All courses take place in our Bedford Stuyvesant location.

++Africans in the Diaspora who are interested in learning their native languages (other than Yoruba) should contact with the name of the language that you would like to learn in order to receive information about classes.++


Please review Tuition & Fee information before registering.

Register for Saturday School

Register for Saturday School

Use this form to register your child for the Yoruba Saturday School. Please complete one form for each child. You will receive an invoice for the course within 24 hours.


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