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The YCI Summer Intensive is a unique opportunity to learn Yoruba in a dynamic, immersing and supportive environment using film and music in addition to traditional book work. Our curriculum is rigorous but very effective. In order to maximize your experience and success in the program, we ask that you complete an application to demonstrate your commitment to learning your language. We admit students who are most likely to complete the program in its entirety and to fully participate, maximizing the benefits offered to them.

We are now accepting applications for the Summer 2017 Program.  All applications are due May 30. Tuition and fees must be paid by May 27.

Course Schedule: June 6 to August 26, Monday and Wednesday 6PM-8PM at our Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn location.

Required for Admission:

  • One letter of recommendation (to be submitted online or by mail).
  • Written explanation of your interest in learning Yoruba. This should be no less than Two (2) paragraphs and no more than one page and should answer the questions 1) Why do you wish to learn Yoruba? and 2) What makes you a qualified candidate for a rigorous, high-impact intensive course such as this?
  • An initial assessment will be used to place you in intermediate or beginner level course and will be administered upon admission.

Only applicants who demonstrate a strong desire to achieve, academic ability and long-term commitment to learning Yoruba will be admitted.

++Africans in the Diaspora who are interested in learning their native languages (other than Yoruba) should contact with the name of the language that you would like to learn in order to receive information about classes.++

Use the form below to apply. If you have any issues submitting this form, please email

[form form-1]

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